51 Handsome Guy Secrets Review – Can It Really Help You?

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51 Handsome Guy Secrets System
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Today we are going to review the “51 Handsome Guy Secrets” program by Ryan Magin.

Just as with other reviews that we posted here in the past, this page is going to be broken into two different parts:

1. A short section with basic information about the 51 Handsome Guy Secrets system.

2. A complete review which talks about the 51 Handsome Guy Secrets program in details and provides you with all the important information on Ryan Magin’s system…

Basic Details

Product’s Name: 51 Handsome Guy Secrets

Release Date: 2014

Creator: Ryan Magin

Format Of Learning: Downloadable guides

Money-Back Guarantee Policy: 100% refund guarantee for 2 months

Official Site: http://www.51handsomeguysecrets.com


Detailed Review

1. A Short Overview

In simple words, “51 Handsome Guy Secrets” is a lifestyle program to the world of happier and more successful life. The author of this program, Ryan Magin, explains that he designed it specifically for men who are trying to get a bit more out of their lives, and inside he focuses on how to dress sharply, build up confidence, develop a powerful physique and score with high-caliber women.

Ryan Magin is a strong proponent of clothes being a reflection of the inner man. What’s more important according to him is that the clothes you wear can seriously affect every aspect of your life from the friends you keep, the job you will have and even your love life and intimate relationships. This is something that relationship coaches and stylists would most certainly agree with. The right clothes can be a complement to anyone.

Following are some of the most important subjects that are covered by Ryan Magin in his “51 Handsome Guy Secrets” system:

How to stay abreast with the trendiest fashions by using some clever techniques.

A comprehensive explanation on how “Logo Clothes” send off a message you do not want to be sending out.

How to dress for the occasion; this way you will always be a classy addition at a party, wedding, job interview or just hanging out with the rest of the bar flies.

A list of “Must Have” additions to your wardrobe; including shoes, jackets, boots, shirts and outfits.

How to master the art of elegance on a shoestring, and where and how to shop for fashionable attire at a budget friendly price.

Understand how to dress better than others without looking out of place and being overdressed.

How to practice better posture and many other attractive habits to improve your appearance.

How to choose a hairstyle that complements your personal style, and much more…

In addition to the core 51 Handsome Guy Secrets Program, Ryan Magin also included the following bonus features to enhance the package value:

Bonus 1: “The Start Up Guide” – A list of the top ten essential items that will transform your overall appearance and look.

Bonus 2: “The Fight Club Body” – A Program which contains a few different workouts to help you develop those rippling muscles to look even better in your clothes.

Bonus 3: “Trendsetters Private Access” – Ryan Magin promises that this 12-week training program will help you become more charming than you had imagined possible.

Bonus 4: “Making A Magnetic First-Impression” – As the name implies, this guide will help you to understand what you need to do in order to make the best first-impression when you meet a girl…


2. A Look At The Pros And Cons


The Main Pros


Concise Information And A Practical Approach

The “51 Handsome Guy Secrets” program can be looked as your own life hack or cheat sheet, and it provides you with proper styling tips and tricks that will magnetizer the people around you. The program will also provide you with a list of things you should and should not keep in your wardrobe, and how to fill your clothing collection with attractive items at a budget price.

Fast Track To Self Improvement

The Path to self improvement is not an easy one, and these days it’s not all that budget friendly either. Getting a life coach or a stylist to do a number on you can cost a small fortune… The good news is that Ryan Magin’s program is very reasonably priced and if you feel you are in a slump and incapable of attracting the right women, opportunities or company, then the 51 Handsome Guy Secrets system was designed with you in mind.

Great Belly Buster For The Beer-Bellied Romeo

Size matters – but not as much as shape. This doesn’t mean you must resemble the Marvel Comic Heroes but a couple weeks of working out can help you develop that lean physically fit look.

This is why the “51 Handsome Guy Secrets” system includes a belly busting workout program that can sculpt you into a more attractive version of you.

A Holistic Solution For Improving Yourself

The 51 Handsome Guy Secrets system is not merely a guide to improve your sense of style, old mind sets or physical condition, but a reliable guide to all three of these situations. With all the important aspects that Ryan Magin discusses in his program, you will not be surprised to be a more attractive addition to any social event.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

If after you have bought the product and tried the methods described inside you feel that the 51 Handsome Guy Secrets program did not actually help you as you had expected, or feel that it was not right for you in any way, you can ask for a full refund.

That means you have two months to decide if the 51 Handsome Guy Secrets system is for you or not, and to try it with confidence…


The Main Cons


Looking This Good Isn’t Cheap

If you really want to get the kind of style and appeal that is described in this program, you must realize that some major changes will be required of you. If you are not in the most stable financial condition, it may take even more time to complete this transformation than you had originally thought. In this case you could use this time to give the workout program a double shot of effort.

Lots Of Video Material

The “51 Handsome Guy Secrets” program contains lots of video lessons and this can cause a bit of confusion with so much information to process. Additionally, this kind of format will be a bit of a nuisance for those who have limited Internet connections or work off of shared computers.

No Physical Version

At the moment, the only way to purchase the 51 Handsome Guy Secrets program is on the internet and you will not find a physical DVD edition in stores…


3. The Verdict

Final Ratings
51 Handsome Guy Secrets
  • Amount Of Content - 7/10
  • Quality Of The Content - 7.5/10
  • User Friendliness - 8/10
  • Bonus Material - 8.5/10
  • Customer Support - 8/10
  • Overall Value For The Money - 8/10

Overall, “51 Handsome Guy Secrets” is a great lifestyle program that can help almost any man to feel a real difference in his life, and our final rating for Ryan Magin’s system is 7.8/10. While it is true that some of the methods and strategies that Ryan Magin describes in his program require both financial and time invests on your part, there is no doubt that this program can really help you improve your life in many different aspects…

The thing we really like about the 51 Handsome Guy Secrets program is that it is not only provides you with many styling tips and tricks, but also helps you to improve your self-confidence and physical condition at the same time. In addition, the program itself is very reasonably priced, especially when compared to hiring a personal stylist or a life coach.

In conclusion, if you try to learn how to dress sharply, improve your confidence, get fit, and dating beautiful and successful women, then the “51 Handsome Guy Secrets” may be a great choice for you.

Moreover, the 60 days refund guarantee that Ryan Magin provides actually makes the 51 Handsome Guy Secrets system a risk-free choice and allows you to check all the tips, methods and strategies offered inside with full confidence…

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