7 Romantic Summer Vacation Ideas To Share With Your Loved One

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Romantic Summer Vacation IdeasWhile vacations can happen any time of the year and serve those that take them well, summer is the season where vacations are most likely to happen. Kids are out of school, and the days are long and full of sun and warm temperatures. Of course, your own vacation might not be one that revolves around a family with kids, but instead just want to take a trip with your romantic partner, the one you love.

Even if you have kids, you might just want to leave them at the grandparents for a week or two and get some badly needed adult time. The question then is, where do you go and what do you do? Keep reading to learn 7 romantic summer vacation ideas to share with your loved one to see what he or she would like to do with you.

1) Head to the mountains: If there’s a range near you, find a parkway with scenic vistas for a leisurely drive or even hiking trails to mountaintops with well-earned views after some exercise, often an aphrodisiac.

2) Go rafting down the Grand Canyon: This awesome adventure can bring a sense of adventure and shared journey between the two of you that no one else in the family might have as a memory or experience. In many parts, the canyon is so deep that rainfall evaporates before hitting the bottom, so the only wetness you’ll suffer is handling the currents wrong or the occasional paddle fight.

3) Take a cruise to tropical places: Summer is high time for cruise lines. If you’re looking for something away from kids, you’ll have to be picky about which line or cruise you go on, but you can visit many locations with palm trees, clear waters, and fruity drinks with umbrellas in them, be it Bermuda, Hawaii, the Mexican coast, or the Caribbean and Bahamas.

4) Take a cruise to cooler places: Some cruises actually head north during the summer. On the Atlantic Coast, you can hit ports of call like New York City, Boston, and Portland in Maine before experiencing adventures in Canada. The Pacific Coast offers the chance to sail into places like Seattle and Vancouver before heading up to magnificent Alaska. You can see places that have cooler weather than back home, and enjoy their longer days, visiting locations you’d never consider in the dead of winter for a holiday vacation.

5) Go sand-boarding in Namibia: For something truly exotic, why not visit this country towards the southern end of the African continent? There are massive sand dunes here that you can actually sand-board, and the light pollution from civilization is so nonexistent here that you can see millions of stars at night that you never could imagine doing so in most of the United States. This country is very politically stable, safe, and uncrowded, yet friendly to those that fly in.

6) Freestyle it: Sometimes the best trips are the ones with itineraries or plans. If there are steady careers and kids in the normal daily life you two share, you might not remember the youth of your relationship. Back then, there were likely weekends where you packed some clothes and hit the road, not sure where you were going or what you were going to do. You saw new parts of the country, or just your home state, and had no idea where you’d sleep the night or eat your next meal. Why not reignite the old spark with a spontaneous adventure?

7) Go to the beach: Heading to the beach is something that millions get to do regularly because they live within driving distance of one and can spend days or weekends there. However, if you’re not so lucky, then getting there might mean enough travel and trouble that it’s worth spending a whole week at the one you choose. If you’re not sure where to go and are torn between places like California and Florida, consider that most every East Coast state has great stretches of beaches, as do the Gulf states, the Pacific Northwest, and even the Great Lakes. If you want to get out of the country but stay on the continent, head to Toronto. With over 140 languages spoken within its borders, this multicultural gem has the largest Chinatown outside of San Francisco, among many other ethnic hamlets, and it has a long beach on a Great Lake just a few miles from the city.

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