7 Ways You Can Make A Guy Commit To You

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make a guy commit to youWhen you’re an adult woman, few things in life are as fascinating, exciting, and sometimes even confusing as flirting and dating. The attention you give to and get from a man is often an intoxicating feeling at first. Something new and fresh is in your life, and you both wonder if there is potential for something deeper.

Dating and relationships are a chance to sample the romantic possibilities out there and get to know your own preferences, needs, and boundaries. After a while though, you do find a guy you hope to stay with for a while, at least longer than a fling. Keep reading to learn 7 ways how you can make a guy commit to you.

1) Seduce him: Physical attraction and sexual compatibility are not always high on a woman’s list in a potential partner, but for nearly every man, these are fundamental minimums. If he’s not hot for your body and being physically intimate with you, then you’ll never get anything else from him beyond friendship. The good news is, you don’t actually have to be hot yourself. Attraction is a general concept, and you can make yourself attractive with your wardrobe, your hairstyles, your body language, and other factors. Make yourself irresistible.

2) Inspire him: Sex is a must, but it’s not enough. Regular sex isn’t a committed relationship, and withholding it in an attempt to make him desire you more will just make him move on to someone else. You also need to engage him deeply on a psychological level. Every man has dreams and ambitions, but he also has a deep-rooted fear and anxiety that he doesn’t matter to the world and will be insignificant and forgotten. Listen to him when he talks, and let him feel safe with you.

3) Double the encouragement over the nagging: You’ll inevitably nag him about things, more likely than not. Compensate for that by encouraging him two times for every time you nag him. It’s a great yet simple way to practice inspiring him and letting him know you believe in him being a better man.

4) Stand out from the crowd: Make yourself someone so interesting that he can’t stand the thought of spending time with other women. You know that when most women get dressed up, they’re not really trying to attract men but compete with one another. Stand above the fray and present yourself as the unique and fascinating creature you are. Let him get to know you as a person more than just another girl.

5) Practice your confidence: Men do like taking charge in many matters, but it’s also a huge turn on (and sometimes a great relief) when someone else steps up to the plate. Let him know you want him, and take charge in the bedroom once in a while. He’ll feel like his energies, attentions, and reflections are being returned.

6) Wrap your social circle around him: Being in a committed relationship is more than just spending a lot of time with one person. It means being a part of their life. Show your man that he’s a welcome and vital part of your circle of friends and that he fits within your family.

7) Accept him for who he is: Not all men are into commitment, and many are in stages of life where they are not ready yet. If that’s your case, live with it or just move on.

When you find a guy you’ve been dating or like is someone you want to stick around a while, use these 7 tricks and techniques to get him to commit to you… Good luck 🙂

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