8 Tips For Dating After A Breakup

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Dating After a Breakup
If you just broke up recently and you are looking for some tips for dating after a breakup then our today’s article is for you. Listed below are 8 tips that we believe can help:

Get Back In The Game

The best thing that you can do after a breakup is to get back in the game. No, this does not mean jumping back into the dating game right after a breakup but it also doesn’t mean spend months in solitary confinement. Eventually you have to lick your wounds and see what the world has to offer. This is probably best done by building a social life, trying new hobbies and actively putting yourself out there.

Don’t Take It So Seriously

It is just dating and not looking for your next soul make. You really shouldn’t take it all that seriously, instead simply meet another person, learn about them, share some smiles and hopefully share some laughs. What more should you expect from casual dating. Remember you are out to enjoy yourself not get hitched in the next few weeks or so.

Use It As Practice

Use your casual dating experiences as practice. Typically after a breakup we are out of practice with dating because we have spent so much time in a relationship. We often need to relearn how to date, learn how to meet people, learn how to be single, learn how to thrive being single. Date as a hobby, as a way to get you back out there, as a way to slowly learn how to be more of your best self and to keep you in practice just in case you do find someone who is worth a long-term commitment.

See The Potentiality In Dating

Come into dating with a positive attitude, thinking about all the great things that could happen, think about what you might learn, think about the funny stories that dating might provide you and the good times that you are going to have. It isn’t anything to really worry about it is simply meeting another person, getting to know them and having a great time. Often we put too much pressure on ourselves when we should instead take a more lighthearted and exploratory approach to dating after a breakup. The attitude you take into the experience will shape what you will experience while dating.

Don’t Look For A New Version of Your Ex

A lot of us have the awful problem of trying to replicate the last person we have dated but in a version 2.0 or if we really have it bad in version 9.0. Try something new, be open to new types of people, try not to have a type, especially if your type often leads to relationship failure. If this is the case then surely your date choosing filter needs some tuning. Go out of yourself, have a great time, try different kinds of people, try to learn something new and learn to appreciate the experience.

Check Your Baggage At The Door And Leave It There

Don’t bring your past relationship problems into your new dating life. No one wants to be with someone who is always talking about their ex or who is reliving past dramas. Get over it, try something new and realize that you will never get more than you had if you continue to focus on the past. Be more forward looking and realize that there’s an entire world of good people who want to date you, just don’t scare them with your obsession over your past relationships that did not go well. Free yourself from the chains of relationships past.

Have Fun And Try On The New You

Bring a new you to your new world of dating. Whatever hangups you had, whatever faults that you brought to past relationships do not bring them to your current world of dating. Try on a new, better and more positive you. This is about fun and new beginnings, not past failures. Propel yourself forward, bring your best person to your dates and have an excellent time. How could this not be the best plan to move on and start dating again? This is the only way to go about reentering the world of dating and meeting new and interesting people.

Give It A Try or You Might Remain Dateless For Too Long

Use this information! We know how easy it is just to information hoard and collect a ton of information that you never use but please don’t do that; instead use this information to get yourself back in the dating world and meeting more people. The longer you wait the greater the chance that you might stay single and dateless… Get back in the swing of things, bring the right attitude, bring the right you, be open, be free and enjoy yourself!

P.S. – if you are a guy then the video below by David Wygant will also help you understand how to go about dating after a breakup…

All the best!


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