8 Ways To Know If A Guy Likes You

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Ways To Know If A Guy Likes You

Humans are social creatures who do not like being alone. As a society, people typically laud and celebrate couples that have long marriages, inspired by the dream that they too might find a life partner to share their years with.

Unfortunately, this is the end culmination of a process that starts with finding “the one,” and that’s usually after dating multiple potential partners. So, for those still alone, hunting for romance must take place, and a large part of this is figuring out who from the pool of available people is actually into you. If you’re a woman who wonders just how to know if a guy likes you, keep reading to learn 8 ways you can figure it out.

1) Is he trying to impress you even when sitting? Keep an eye out for masculine body language. This would be things like hands on his hips or sitting open legged.

2) Does he initiate conversation? It might not always be a one-liner or some kind of come-on, but if he likes you, he’ll find any excuse to start a conversation with you. If he really likes you, he might even be a little nervous and stammer something stupid about the weather.

A guy looking to chat with you will make things up just to talk to you. Making things up doesn’t necessarily mean lies and imagination, but just throw out things like his company is hiring and do you know anyone looking for work? In a social environment, he’ll find his way to you just to say something.

3) Have you caught him grooming himself? There isn’t much difference here between a bird preening up his own feathers for display and a warm blooded male making himself presentable. Look for hands running through hair to straighten it, tightening up of neckties, adjusting shirts or coats, and even tying of shoelaces. He wants to look good for you.

4) Does he compliment you on your appearance? If he actually says that you look great or points out particular aspects of your look that he likes, this is usually the clearest dead giveaway that he’s attracted to you. The only typical exception is compliments from someone who is already a close friend likes making you feel good about yourself.

5) Does he make eye contact with you a lot? If he looks at you a lot, it’s because he likes looking at you, and he might even not know that he’s doing it. A quickly raised eyebrow flash, about a fraction of a second, is a very good sign. Even if he’s not making direct eye contact, looking at your face is also encouraging.

6) What direction are his body parts in relation to you? Keep an eye on his feet and fingers. If any of them are pointed in your direction, that’s a sign of his subconscious attention and attraction towards you.

7) How is his memory? If a guy is into you, he won’t just find chances to talk to you, but will also remember what you say. If a guy surprises you by remembering the band you were talking about the other day and asks more, he’s probably attracted to you. Lots of questions indicate curiosity, but remembering what you told him indicates attraction.

8) When he is close to you, does he lean in? Invasion of personal space is a very straightforward sign of attraction. Consider it an indication of major desire for closeness. In fact, if he likes you, you’ll probably never see his back, and he slumps towards you in conversation because he wants to hear what you have to say.

When any straight man or woman has some interest in a member of the opposite sex, they then have to wonder if that person is into them too. Women might have the advantage here, as women put out over 50 distinct signs through body language that they like a guy.

If you are a woman wondering if a guy likes you, then take solace in the fact that guys only put about a dozen body language signs to indicate their attraction. Use the 8 clues listed in this article to figure out if a specific guy who has caught your eye is into you as well.

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