How Can You Tell If A Woman Likes You?

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Tell If A Woman Likes You

Men are a completely different species than women and believe it or not, women do a lot more flirting than men are ever aware of. Sometimes, you will meet a woman who isn’t interested in you at all, other times, you may meet someone who is. The really hard part is figuring out if you’re reading the signs correctly and the woman is actually into you.

If you deal with enough people, you understand eventually that body language says a lot about whether or not someone wishes you would take your relationship further. To ensure you’re not in the dark, here are some ways to know if a woman is attracted to you:

Constant Lip Licking

If you’re conversing with a woman, pay attention to what she’s actually doing with her lips. If she is constantly licking them, she is trying to draw attention to her mouth in order for you to make a move. Ultimately, it says that she wants to be kissed. The issue is that this action can be misunderstood quite easily, therefore, you should also look at the entire picture and consider her body language.

She Moves Closer

If a person of the opposite sex is moving closer to you, it could be a sign that she wants to be more than friends. As she closes the proximity between you, it can be a signal that she hopes you will make a move. As a word to the wise, don’t automatically start moving closer as well since you may end up invading her personal space if you’ve misunderstood her intentions.

She’s Teasing You

Much like when you were a kid, a woman teasing you could be a sign of interest. Many women use teasing as a means to test the waters and to see how far they can go. In fact, teasing each other back and forth can be a sign of flirting.

She Gets Personal

When you meet someone new, it’s unlikely that she is going to discuss all personal matters with you. However, if she says something personal, it means that she trusts you and has a favorable view towards you. All in all, sharing a few personal moments can be a good sign for the future of your relationship.

Check Response

Obviously you’re going to be chatting with someone of the opposite sex to gauge their interest in you. How does she answer your questions? If she speaks in a disinterested and clipped voice, it means she isn’t interested. On the other hand, if she flashes a smile or seems to answer in full sentences with details, it’s a sign of sure interest in you.

Check Posture

A woman’s posture is a good indicator of interest. For example, if she’s sitting across from you with her arms crossed and her body turned away from you, she isn’t open to your communication and it’s best to move on. If she is interested in a relationship, she will sit with her body facing you and leaning in, oftentimes, making plenty of eye contact.

Mimic Gestures

Even in the world of dating, mimicry is the biggest form of flattery. If you need to check if a woman is truly interested in you, she will start mimicking some of your gestures, but not all. The reason for this is because she feels that you’re like-minded and this is her way of letting you know.

Head Tilting With A Smile

Scientists have found that a woman who is interested will often tilt her head to the side. Along with the head tilting, she will flash you a big smile. These gestures are simply symbolic of catching her attention. If she also plays with her eyes while looking at you, it’s a surefire sign of interest.

It’s important to understand that not all women are going to be interested in you and you need to be respectful of that fact. The above signs are by no means a comprehensive list, and even if you see a woman tilting her head or licking her lips, it may not be a sign she likes you. Just remember that common sense goes a long way when picking up women!

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