How To Get A Guy To Notice You – 9 Tips You Should Try!

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How To Get A Guy To Notice YouOne of the issues that many women experience at some point in their life is that they feel invisible. They may have an interest in one particular guy or perhaps even in any number of guys, but getting noticed by those individuals seems to be increasingly impossible. The fact of the matter is, however, it is possible to be noticed, you just need to take the right steps.

The following tips are the best ways to get noticed by a guy and to do so in the easiest way possible. After all, you want to be noticed in a way that is going to make a good impression, and this becomes increasingly difficult if you don’t take the proper steps. Just follow these tips and apply them in your life and you would be surprised with how well they can work for you.

Notice Yourself – Believe it or not, one of the main problems that stands between you and being noticed by any guy is a lack of self-esteem. Although this is something that is developed early in life, you need to learn to love yourself and to have some confidence if you want to be noticed. I’m not talking about being too confident, I’m just talking about appreciating yourself for who you are.

Clean Things up – Another problem that many women experience is that they don’t necessarily pay close enough attention to their personal hygiene. Men do tend to notice when a woman takes care of herself, keeping her hair nicely, doing her nails and taking care of her skin. You don’t need to go overboard in this regard, just take things to a higher level.

Don’t Get Desperate – When you are desperate for attention, you are less likely to receive it. There is some truth behind the old thought that you should “play hard to get.” Catch his eye from time to time and then go back to what you were doing. They are noticing you.

Be Funny – One of the traits that most men find attractive in a woman is a good sense of humor. If you don’t have a sense of humor or if it seems to be lacking, try to work on it as much as possible.

Be Interesting – Most people are interested in themselves whether they are going to admit it or not. That is why having a conversation with something will often involve hearing them talk about themselves. Find out what they like and get involved. It’s a sure fire way to attract some attention in your direction.

Go for the Easy in – If it seems as if you are invisible to someone, and it is not changing, try to connect with his friends. A guy’s friends are very important to him and if you are in the mix, you will be noticed.

Be Close (But Not Too Close) – Try to be in the same location on a frequent basis but be careful that it doesn’t get creepy.

Smell Good – The right perfume can certainly attract some attention, but the wrong perfume can also attract attention, just not the type you want. A little bit of a good thing can go a long way in helping him to notice you.

Body Language – Finally, be sure that you pay close attention to your body language. It should be confident and not standoffish. Avoid looking nervous or fidgeting. If you have the opportunity to speak to him, lean into him to listen and gently touch him on the arm if it is appropriate to do so.

When you use these tips, you can get noticed by any guy. Use them properly and it will work to your benefit in ways you cannot possibly imagine.

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