How To Tell A guy That You Like Him Without Saying It

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Tell A guy That You Like Him Without Saying ItIf you’re really into a guy but don’t want to tell him, there are many ways that you can point it out without having to say it out loud. Here are a few ways to get you started.

1. Pay attention to how you look. If you know he likes certain colors, long hair or certain makeup styles try them out. You don’t have to say a word for him to notice this.

Just make subtle changes, don’t be too drastic. It is amazing how just a few subtle changes can get his attention.

2. Use your body language. Show him how you feel by smiling when you see him. Go the extra mile (subtly of course) and make sure that he has to pass you to and from class.

Sit facing him and avoid turning your back to him. Don’t point your knees or toes away from him when you’re near him, this would make it appear that you’re trying to leave.

3. Subtle flirting is okay as long as it’s nothing too obvious. Gentle smiles, a soft laugh if he says something funny and so on.

Just remember, be subtle, you want him to wonder if you like him without you’re having to tell him.

4. Touch him on the shoulder and see how he reacts. Does he pull away or does he smile? You can do this when you say hello.

Just make sure that it’s brief and don’t over do it. You want him to feel your brief touch, but you don’t want him to wish you’d let go.

5. Give him a compliment. “I like your hair that way” or “That’s a great shirt, it brings out your eyes”. This is also a great time to add in the touch on the shoulder.

If you do this right, he’ll have electrifying feelings surge through his body and that’s what you want to happen.

6. Make sure that he knows that you’re single and open to having a boyfriend. This needs to be done subtly so be mindful of being subtle when doing this.

You could do this by mentioning to a girlfriend (as he walks up or by the two of you) that you don’t have a boyfriend, but would be open to one if the right guy came along (be sure to smile his way as you say this but don’t let on that you know he can hear you and your friend).

7. Find out if he likes anyone special. You can enlist a few friends to assist you in this if you wish. Your girlfriend could ask a friend of his, or you could ask yourself if you’re not too nervous.

This information is vital as you don’t want to break up another couple just so you can have a go at him. Be subtle, patient and if he is with someone, remember that you’re young and it may not last.

8. If he is single, you want him to ask you out. There are many ways to do this. Let him know this through the grapevine. Stand in front of a sign that advertises the next dance for school as he is walking by (he’ll see the sign and you at the same time).

If it’s a dance where the girls ask the guys out ask him out in a clever and creative way. Focus on ways to let him know how special you are without having to say it out loud to him.

Clearly there are a variety of ways to tell a guy that you really like him without having to say a word.

Take the time to be clever and creative and don’t hesitate to enlist a few good friends to help you. You want to be noticed, but you want it to appear to be by chance, not that you’re running after him.

Guys will shy away from girls who run after them so you must keep this in mind and be subtle to get his full attention. Make the right moves at the right time and you’ll have him in the palm of your hand.



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