How To Make A Girl Fall In Love With You Over The Phone

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How to Make a Girl Fall in Love Over the Phone
Do you want to make a girl fall in love with you, but you can only talk to her on the phone? Do you prefer to do online dating where you can only talk online or on the phone? If so, then this is definitely the article that you need to read. When it comes to making a girl fall in love with you, it can be quite tricky, especially if you can’t meet with her face to face. If you’re very shy or live too far away to meet in person then this article will definitely help you to win the heart of your dream girl.

The first tip is that you need to talk to her regularly. If your only means of contact is via your phone, then you definitely want to be in regular contact with her. Of course, you shouldn’t start bombarding her phone with messages and call every hour, especially not in the beginning! This will just cause her to think you’re possessive and weird, and she will steer clear of you. Instead, the idea is to slowly reel her in and allow her to crave and want more contact with you. So, how can you do this?

The first thing is to dial up the charm, be open about yourself and most of all, you need to be interesting! This means that when you do talk to her, make sure to have interesting things and stories to talk about, since you have to capture the girl’s attention and interest. If a woman is intrigued by you, she will definitely be attracted to you. Of course, you can’t be too mysterious, otherwise she might start wondering if you’re a serial killer.

Once you can tell that she is much more interested in talking to you, you should slowly become more available to talk to her on the phone and make her a priority. Women love it when you show them that they are important to you, and they will automatically make you more of a priority in their life. You can do this by cancelling a few outings with your friends in order to stay at home and talk to her on the phone. This will show how serious you are about her and will definitely help you to win her affections.

Next, once you start to talk more on the phone, you should always try to make the girl talk more about herself. This means that you should be genuinely interested in what she has to say and allow her to talk as much as she wants. Everyone loves to talk about themselves and by being a good listener she will love talking to you and connect with you on a deeper level. However, this does not mean that you should just be a passive listener. Instead, actively listen to what she has to say and ask her relevant questions or make comments to show that you are highly engaged with what she is saying. This will indicate that you are highly interested in her as a person and she will grow to love you over time.

However, being charming and truly listening to a girl, won’t win her love. You need to connect with her and you can do this by actually opening up and showing her who you are as a person. You have to allow her to know your past, your secrets, your thoughts and your dreams. Sure, it can be difficult to open up if you’re an introverted person, however, it is essential that you do this if you want to win the girl’s heart. This is actually one of the most important things you can do and if she really resonates with what you say, then the both of you will surely fall in love.

Lastly, when it comes to getting a girl to fall in love, you need to share your life with her, even if you can only talk to her on the phone. Thankfully, there are many internet based messaging services like WhatsApp which allow you to chat as well as share video, audio files and pictures. So, instead of always calling her or sending her messages, make sure to also send her cute pictures. For example, you can write her name in the sand along with a message, such as “Good Morning” or “I hope you have an amazing day” and take a picture of it and send it to her. There are many imaginative ways you can use your phone’s camera to send her pictures or videos that she will simply love.

Once you apply the tips and strategies listed above, the girl will surely fall in love with you. It might take as little as a few weeks or a few months, but I am certain that she will in time…


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  1. dhiman says:

    really the advise is workable

  2. Julius says:

    Sometimes my girlfriend seems not to be interested in me. She tells me that I don’t value her even when I do my best to please her. Please what do I do?

    • AffairNet Team says:

      Hi Julius, please use the search button on the top right of our blog. We posted a few posts regarding this situation in the past which may help you… All the best 🙂

  3. Douglas Amoako says:

    I have tried to let my girl tell me much about herself but she always refused please what should I do

  4. Dhanush says:

    I want to love a girl who will talk to weekly once

  5. Ismael says:

    Hi. I don’t have conversation with my girlfriend.we stay in silence.plz What do i do?

    • AffairNet Team says:

      Hi Ismael, please use the search box to find posts on our blog that discuss this situation 🙂

  6. rotimi idowu says:

    Hi! I find it pretty hard to make a lady love me on line some would not like to tell me about themselves pls what do I do?

    • AffairNet Team says:

      Hi Rotimi, please use the search button above and look for articles that we wrote about this topic… All the best!

  7. Trodo says:

    I really loves she but I want to concentrate studies what can I do now???????

  8. Ramsey says:

    Hey Guys
    I’m in love with a girl but she says me that I will do as per my parents happiness nd I accept that too but I want her to fall in love with me before marriage. We use to chat often nd calls sometimes nd I’m very sure that she likes me. Could you please say me how to make her fall in love with me coz I really love her a lot.

  9. CARTER SIXTUS says:


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