7 Tips On How To Make A Man Devoted To You

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How To Make A Man Devoted To YouThere comes a time in every woman’s life where she wants to make sure that a man is devoted to her and her alone. Winning the heart of a man may be quite challenging.

The goal is to find the right man that will commit to love, honor and cherish you. Sadly, it’s not always easy. Lack of communication can tragically destroy many relationships.

There are some key things that a man looks for before he will choose to be fully devoted to a woman. You’re going to have to learn what these are and then work on them yourself without his knowledge.

If you try to make a man devoted to you, this list should help you get started:

Be Yourself

A man wants a woman that isn’t putting on an act. You need to be yourself. Don’t mold yourself to be what you think he wants. He’ll see through this and you’ll lose out.

Don’t Be Too Needy

There’s a difference and a very fine line here. A man needs to be needed, but, he doesn’t want you to be needy. Learn the difference. If he offers to help, gladly accept it. However, don’t be so needy and clingy that he thinks you’re going to be a leech and never let go of his ankle.

He Has To Be Needed

Again this is tricky, a man wants to be needed but not used. He needs to see how you make him a better man. He needs to see how much you appreciate what he does for you. Whether it be bringing you flowers, or checking the oil on your car appreciate him. Show him how much you appreciate him.

Let Him See The Benefits Of You

This one can be tricky, you want him to see how he will benefit by being with you, without giving him too much of you yet. It’s kind of a marketing ploy. You don’t want too much product sampling without the bill of sale. If he’s really into you he’s going to see this without being pushy.

Don’t Try To Change Him

No one is going to be perfect. If you can’t live with his faults then he’s not the right man for you. If however, you can live with his faults, then you may have the right man. No man wants to be changed. Don’t try to change him. If something needs to be changed, find a very subtle way to get that changed without his knowledge. Don’t rely on his friends (they will tell him). Rely on your own wisdom and discernment. Show him by your example.

Make Him Feel Good

A man needs to feel good about himself. He needs to feel that you’re really into him and willing to drop everything spontaneously and do something with him. Don’t skip school or work unless you really can. However, be willing to stretch yourself even if you’re an introvert and go to that concert or party. Smile and let him know you’re having fun with him.

Men Don’t Want Liabilities

Men want you as an asset, not as a liability. Be independent enough that he will want to help you. Be cautious on this. You don’t want to come across as insipid. don’t be a burden to him. Let him see that you’re bettering him and willing to carry your own side of the load.

When a man sees all of these great qualities, you’re going to find that he is totally devoted to you and you’ll never have to worry about him. Be faithful and show him how much you trust him and focus on his needs.

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