How To Make Your Boyfriend Feel Like The Most Special Person In The World!

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boyfriend specialAre you feeling loved up? Do you think you have the most amazing boyfriend in the whole wide world? If this sounds like you, you are likely very keen to find new ways of making your boyfriend feel extra special. After all, if you have managed to catch a good one, the last thing you want is for him to get away. That is why we have prepared a few tips and tricks that should help you to make sure your boyfriend knows just how special he is to you.

Spend Quality Time Together

Making your boyfriend feel special isn’t just about being together, rather it is about spending quality time together. What do we mean by quality time? In a few words, it’s time that really counts. Sure, going to the cinema or hanging out with mutual friends might be nice, but it won’t necessarily make him feel like he is your special someone.

Make plans to spend quality time together by choosing something that will allow you to have one on one time. It might be going for a romantic walk, going for a picnic, booking an intimate restaurant or doing something else that will allow you plenty of time to ‘really’ be together.

Listen And Be Interested

Guys need to feel respected. They need to feel like what they have got to say is important and interesting to you as their girlfriend. The only way you can really show this is by listening and taking an interest in what your boyfriend has to say.

Us girls can tend to do a lot of the talking when we are with our guys, but the habit isn’t going to make that wonderful guy in your life feel special. Take the time to ask him questions, perhaps about his day, his hobbies or something that you know is important to him. Don’t be tempted to interrupt him or change the conversation around to have you and your interests as the focus. Instead, listen carefully, ask more questions and show your admiration for the things about his life that he is willing to share with you.

Get A Personalized Gift

Some personalized gifts can look a bit cheap and cheesy, but if you really take the time to think about what your boyfriend likes then choose a tasteful gift that relates both to his interest and to him as a person, you are on a winning streak to really stealing his heart.

Ask His Opinion

It’s true that you are your own individual and likely make your own decisions yourself in life. However, if you really want your boyfriend to feel like he is the most special person in the world to you, it’s time to start involving him in your decision-making process.

Whether you are thinking about changing your hairstyle, choosing a new career path or simply getting dressed up for a night out, ask for your boyfriend’s input. Of course, you may not always agree with his opinion, but showing him that it is important to you will help him to see that he has a special place in your heart.

Compliment Him In Public

Guys can be more insecure than we think. Of course, we are sure that you shower your boyfriend with compliments when you are both alone, but don’t keep your praise only for alone time.

Now don’t get us wrong, excessive compliments can make everyone, including your boyfriend, feel pretty uncomfortable. However, the occasional sincere and tasteful compliment in the presence of others can do much for your boyfriend’s self-esteem, as well as a feeling of happiness that you are his girlfriend.

Indeed, if you have found yourself that one in a million guy you are likely very keen to keep tight hold of him. Making him feel special is a crucial part of that goal. By spending quality time together, really listening to what he has to say, asking for his opinion and being generous in your compliments, you are well on the way to ensuring your darling boyfriend really does feel like the most special person in the world.

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