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As was described in our “about us” section, the purpose of is to assist you with the process of dating and building successful relationships by offering valuable insights and guidance.

Having said that, starting on December 1, 2009, the FTC began requiring sites to include disclosures in the event there may be hidden connections, interests or biases that could potentially impact reviews or recommendations. So, here we go:

Let us first begin with the obvious. This site is only able to continue if we receive affiliate commission payments from the purchase of products discussed here via some of the included links. We want to make it clear, though, that you never pay a higher price for purchasing something through our links. The income generated in this way is the only way we are able to continue producing a user-friendly site that is free from popups and other advertisements.

Please know that this situation does not impact the reviews found on our site. We are confident that you will easily recognize the fact that we make a point to discuss both the pros and the cons of each and every product we review.

With that said, we want to emphasize the fact that each person’s results from the use of products mentioned here can vary, sometimes significantly, and that it is incumbent upon each consumer to perform their own research prior to making a purchase of any product mentioned here.

We hope our insights will prove useful for you, but we do not intend for our discussions to be construed as an official endorsement of anything.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your time with us!

The AffairNet team

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