Romantic Christmas Gifts For Him – 5 Great Suggestions

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In case you didn’t notice, men and women are two entirely different species. While the average woman might find things like flowers and candy to be romantic holiday gifts, most guys are not in agreement with this. If you want to surprise the man in your life with a romantic Christmas gift, here are some ideas you should consider.

Gift Baskets

This is not referring to those baskets that are filled with things like scented candles and bubble bath. There are some that are customized according to the needs and wants of the man in your life. For instance, if he likes cologne, beef jerky and cordials, you can have a basket made that includes all of these items. Nothing says romance like giving him a bunch of things that he actually loves.

Romantic Dining

If the guy in your life is a passionate foodie, you should consider taking him to one of the best restaurants in your area for a romantic dinner. This will whet his culinary whistle while giving you a chance to show him how much he means to you. Make sure that the place you select has food that he adores, as well as a delightful ambiance. Bonus points if you make a reservation at one of the restaurants he has on his foodie wish list.


Now this can go one of two ways, so make sure that you listen up closely. Getting a massage after a long, hard day at work is a dream come true for anyone, but imagine offering this gift to a guy who works more hours than the law should allow. If you are looking to help him relax, you can try giving him a membership package to a massage parlor in your area.

The second way to make this gift work in your favor would be to offer him a massage with your own two hands. In the event that you are not really skilled, you can take a few classes and/or watch some online videos to master a few great techniques. Whether you do it or pay someone else, he is bound to enjoy this gift immensely. The more relaxed he is, the more likely he will be in the mood for romance.

Hotel Stays

Children and family are great, but if you and your beau need some romantic time alone around the holidays, you should book a romantic hotel weekend. There are lover’s packages that are available at many properties, and they include things like bottles of champagne and couples time at the spa. Even if the guy you are with seems to be far from the romantic type, staying in a hotel that has great views, awesome room service and great amenities can change his mind.


Yes, buying something sexy for you to wear is a great idea for a holiday gift for him. Try choosing something that is a style he would love. It is also nice to make a choice that is in a color he adores. If you want to make things even more exciting for him, buy several pieces and give him a fashion show that he will never forget. You may have to do a little finagling to figure out what he likes, but it will certainly be worth it.

Trying to find the perfect gift for that special man in your life is not always the easiest task. With that said, offer him one or more of the gifts that were mentioned here if you want to set a romantic tone and put a smile on his face 🙂


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