4 Romantic Ideas For Thanksgiving

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thanksgiving romantic ideasWhether you’re celebrating your first Thanksgiving with a loved one or the fifteenth in a row, it’s important to do everything you can to make it feel like a special event. Holidays can become quite stressful, especially if you take a “fly by the seat of your pants” approach. With careful planning, you can make sure that everything runs smoothly. You and your partner will also have a far greater chance of enjoying the day.

That said, the traditional view of how to celebrate Thanksgiving is so ingrained in our society that it can be difficult to know how to step beyond those bounds and really make it feel special. Fortunately, that can easily be fixed by a little brainstorming and creativity! If you need some help getting started, however, here are four romantic ideas for Thanksgiving:

1 – Take Your Partner To See Their Family

If your special someone happens to have moved far away from their family and they seem to miss home, set aside some money ahead of time and offer to fly them out so they can see all of their loved ones on the big day. The extra effort will win you a ton of brownie points! You can even schedule a bit of extra time away so they can enjoy being back home just a little longer. If viewed as an extended vacation of sorts, it can be a wonderfully romantic trip overall.

2 – A Dinner For Two

On the flip side, there’s no rule that says Thanksgiving has to be all about family gatherings and huge meals. You and your loved one might also enjoy staying in together to share a private meal for just the two of you. You can feel free to indulge in all of the traditional Thanksgiving trappings that you like, all completely with your own personal spin. You can even prepare the meal together to take advantage of the fun of cooking and baking with a partner.

3 – Take The Reins

If you do usually participate in a larger, more traditional Thanksgiving and your partner is usually the one slaving over the stove for your entire family, one of the most romantic gestures you can make is to let them off for a year and take care of the meal yourself. Maybe not every dish will come out quite as well as it normally does, but the effort definitely won’t go unappreciated. Sometimes there’s no better way to show you care than rolling your sleeves up and taking one for the team.

4 – Forgo The Traditions Altogether

If you’re not the traditional type and you dread the idea of getting stuck in the same old routine for the holidays, why not go on a completely impromptu adventure with your partner to make your own fun? It’s a busy time for travel and tons of businesses tend to close, but if you plan ahead of time, you can easily secure reservations for flights, hotels, restaurants, or whatever else you might have in mind. Even just staying in, huddled around a pizza while you watch movies can be a blast. Take advantage of the time off and just enjoy being with one another!

Of course, there’s plenty of other potential ideas for romance when it comes to Thanksgiving. You might even want to use the occasion to finally propose for your partner’s hand in marriage if you’ve already been hoping to build up to that. There are really no limitations. Just think about your relationship and what your loved one actually cares about. If all else fails, just talk it out and a fun idea or two will surely pop up!

When it comes down to it, Thanksgiving is just like any other holiday; spending it with people you care for is far more important than what you actually do. The importance of sticking to the traditions and falling in line with what your respective families expect of you pales in comparison to just being with one another and enjoying the day. Nothing else matters! With that in mind, perhaps the best thing you can possibly do is to avoid putting too much pressure on yourself; just enjoy it!

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